How did March go so quickly, it really was a quick month? Here we are just about to see the real season of spring appear, to me it only really happens when the clocks go forward, although we really have had some fabulous glimmers of it over the last week or two, warmer days at least for a fleeting moment or two and unfortunately lots and lots of rain.  But that doesn’t stop us going out for a couple of hours a day and doing a little bit.

By now all the Dahlias are potted up and are in the tunnel, it’ll be another few weeks before the new green shoots start to appear but just to see them all there ready to burst into life gives me amazing satisfaction.

Some seeds have sprouted, and others are quietly germinating and will show green shoots shortly, all tucked up in the tunnel. Another wise person always says, “Hope Springs Eternal” and it’s so true. Spring is in my opinion a very joyous and hopeful season. It’s always about new beginnings.  Going into the tunnel every morning is like going into Alladin’s Cave and every day is different, everything is growing, everything is happy all doing their thing all at different times. It’s also full of herbs and vegetable plants from the Potting Shed, which are a bit tender to have outdoors yet but will be for sale over the coming weeks. So, it’s abundantly green and lush, it’s a pure joy to open the door every morning.

Potting Shed Spring 2023 93

March was a very busy month in the Potting Shed, we had International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Paddy’s Weekend and Easter all one after the other. I also popped up in Whitestown House to do a Spring Workshop which was amazing with my good friends Tara from the Designed Table and Laura from Calligraphy by Laura. Two amazing talented women and as I’m sure you all know by now; I love working with them. If you ever get a chance to go to Whitestown grab it with both hands, it’s an amazing place run by Mum Hazel, along with her two daughters Aoife and Kelly. Fabulous surroundings, an amazing welcome and the most delicious seasonal lunch made with either ingredients from their own farm or sourced from local suppliers with the same fork-to-fork ethos as them.  I nearly had to be shoved out the door honestly, I’d still be there now if they’d let me stay.

CBLCo. March 2024 Whitestown 60

Easter is coming this weekend and I really hope you have a gorgeous time with family and friends. It is in my opinion a lovely celebration. Anybody that knows me knows Christmas is my favorite time of year, but it is tinged in a lot of ways with nostalgia, tradition, sometimes stress and often sadness. Whereas Easter again in my opinion isn’t bound by the same range of emotions, I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a movable feast but it’s a more joyous, more hopeful and a way less stressful occasion.

April will be spent along with everything else putting the finishing touches to our new Herb Growing Workshop, which will be held in the Potting Shed in May. As I’m sure you all know by now, herbs are a topic I’m extremely passionate about and they are so dear to my heart. I love how anybody can grow pots of herbs, I love how they elevate even the simplest of dishes, I love how they are so easy to grow, I love the scent of them, I love the variety of them and I’d always have a couple of pots of herbs inside as well as lots outside, I honestly think they are the most underrated variety of plants.  So hopefully anybody that attends will get loads of knowledge and inspiration. They’ll leave with herb plants under their arms, a fistful of recipes and they can go home and plant their own little herb garden.

Potting Shed Spring 2023 100

I think that could possibly be all my news for this blog, I hope you have enjoyed it and it encourages you to go out and do a bit in your garden. Enjoy Easter and look forward to seeing you all soon!